Is God Listening?

“But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer. Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer or withdraw his unfailing love from me.” Psalm 66:19-20

Ever wonder if God is listening to your prayers? Me too!

Even though I grew up in a Christian home and have been in church for most of my life, there are times when I struggle with doubt:

Is God listening to me?

Will this prayer make a difference?

Does it make sense to pray about this situation?

Will this prayer work coming from me…or should I ask someone more spiritually strong to pray for me, this way God will answer?

But recently I’ve been experiencing God’s answers in the strangest way.

You see, my prayers of late have been unconventional. They don’t start with “Heavenly Father” and they don’t end with “In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.”

Lately, my prayers have been more like casual thoughts; more like a conversation in my head between God and I.

But even in those unconventional moments, I see that God is always listening, just like the Psalmist David experienced in Psalm 66:19-20.

More and more, I am realizing, prayer does not need to be in a special format. It does not require a well thought out string of words, or carefully formulated sentences.

Our prayers don’t even need to be uttered out loud or limited to a specific time or place.

Prayer only needs to be sincere. It only needs to be you talking to God about whatever it is that’s on your heart and mind.

You don’t need to have the title “prayer warrior”.  Neither do you need to sound super spiritual or extra deep when praying to God.

God hears and knows the secret petition of our hearts.

He pays attention to every prayer we bring before Him. And He responds, every single time.

If you’re struggling with pray, rest assured – God is not only listening but He is paying attention to your words and your thoughts!

So, what will you talk to God about this week?



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