This Is Her Journey

This Is Her Journey is an online community dedicated to redefining womanhood, one step at a time. It is a sisterhood committed to applying biblical principles in the pursuit of wholeness, joy, self-love and greatness.

As women we face many different challenges, both externally and internally.  At times, life can leave us feeling broken, disappointed, or alone. It can leave us doubting our self-worth or purpose. Sometimes we need a reminder – some sort of confirmation– that things will get better and that life won’t always be this way.

This is Her Journey was created for those moments: to reminder you that you are not alone and that things can and will get better for you.

In sharing real life experiences and every day struggles, I hope to empower and encourage women in every stage of their journey.

We’ll share laughs and tears, our highs and lows, our successes and missteps, as we walk into the destiny God has purposed for us.

I hope that you will find comfort and healing in the stories that are shared.

That something you read will encourage you and renew your hope, faith and strength.

That the time you spend here will better equip you for the road that is ahead of you.

The journey won’t always be pretty and there will be some challenging moments but it will always be honest and supportive.

So pick out your favorite pair of shoes and let the journey begin!


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