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    5 Simple Tips to Survive Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays that people either really love or really hate.

    There are those who rightfully preach the message of showing love every day of the year. Then there are the people like me who see nothing wrong with having an extra day to be pampered and loved on even more.

    If you can identify with that second category of people AND you’re single then chances are you’ve probably wished you could skip the month of February altogether.

    With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching (3 days for those who are counting) I’ve decided to share my 5 simple tips to help you survive this Valentine’s Day!

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    Love & Relationships

    7 Types of Guys You Should NEVER Date or Marry…Part 2

    If your social media timeline and news feeds are anything like mine, then you already know what season we’re in.

    Holiday gatherings and New Year celebrations have ushered us into the what used to be one of my least favorite time of the year, ENGAGEMENT SEASON. 

    For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, engagement season is the time period between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.  It’s during this particular stretch of the year where almost 40% of engagements occur. 

    Seeing photos, videos, and those most delightful relationship status updates plastered all over my social networks used to be a painful reminder of just how SINGLE I am.

    It’s not that I wasn’t happy for my friends.

    I was just tired of feeling like the ONLY ONE without a happily ever after.

    That feeling of longing combined with my impatience rarely led to anything good.

    My feelings are probably the reason why I ended up in so many bad relationships.  (If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out  7 Types of Guys You Should NEVER Date or Marry…Part 1 to see exactly what I’m talking about.)

    Trust me, I know how easy it is to get discouraged by the tide wave of images you see on social media.

    But before you make any rash decisions this engagement season, check out the final three types of guys you should never date or marry. Continue reading

    Love & Relationships

    7 Types of Guys You Should NEVER Date or Marry…Part 1

    Let me preface this by saying I am not a love guru or love expert.  I am however an ex-serial dater, and have experienced more than my share of failed relationships.

    The men I dated were all different – different cultures, social status, churched, unchurched – you name it, I’ve probably dated him.

    In retrospect, much of my heartache and disappointments could have been avoided had I not entertained some of the men that came my way.

    So in no particular order, here’s part one of my list of 7 types of guys you should never date or marry.

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    Love & Relationships

    Why I Finally Cut Off My Reserve Guy

    Disclaimer: Out of respect for the individual, the name of my “reserve guy” has been changed for this article.  All other details are true.

    I have a type. My best friends know my type and for the most part I usually date guys that fit the mold of what I like…

    Sean and I met when I was in high school. He’s one of the good guys – comes from a nice family, wasn’t into dating multiple girls at the same time – he was just nice. I always knew Sean had a thing for me but so did his friend.

    Since the friend was more my type, he and I dated on and off for a few months.

    Sean and I remained friendly even after his friend and I broke up. I eventually went off to college and started dating someone else. I never hid any of my dating life from Sean, neither would he hide his feelings towards me. Continue reading