Prayers for My Child – Back to School Edition

Oh Lord…here we go!

Back to homework assignments.

Back to special projects.

Back to state exams. Packing lunch bags. Fussing over outfit choices, or why the uniform is “boring”. And my all time favorite, back to the daily dash to make it out the house on time.

Sweet Jesus, it’s back to school time!

Would you excuse me for a moment while I take a deep breath. Feel free to take one too. I  promise, I won’t judge!

Why Did I Have A Baby With Him? Tips to Help You With Co-Parenting.

I’ll be honest. I did not always enjoy being a single parent.

For the first few years I constantly asked myself  “why did I have a baby with him?”

It was never a question about my love for my daughter. I just wished there was a way I could have her without dealing with the drama and heartache of a failed relationship.

I’m sure I am not the only single parent that’s felt that way.

With close to 12 million single parent families in the United States, co-parenting is becoming the new “norm”. Whether never married, divorced, or separated, more and more Americans are having to learn how to coexist for the sake of their children.

Take it from someone who’s living it firsthand, it is not always easy!

Figuring out how to co-parent can be one of the toughest challenges any newly single mom (or dad) will face.

Tackling the Unforgivable ‘C’ Word

I knew there would be no coming back from this.  I was about to break the cardinal rule and forever change the dynamics of our relationship.

Sitting in the waiting room, I quietly filled out my paperwork, while trying to drown out the nervous chatter racing through my head:

“You’re doing the right thing.”

“He’s left you with no other choice.”

“This is in the best interest of your child.”

It took some more self-convincing, but I finally walked towards the clerk to submit my forms.

And after what felt like a few quick glances and a stamp of her seal, it was official. My ex would now be responsible for paying a court mandated child support order.

For reasons I’ve yet to fully understand, when a custodial parent (which in most cases is typically a woman) files a petition for support, it can be seen as a declaration of war…or at the very least, an unforgivable betrayal.

20 Back to School Declarations for Your Child

It’s that time of the year a10 popular songs for yourgain: when sleeping in late and days spent relaxing by the pool turn into a mad dash for supplies and waiting in those car pool lanes.

Yup, it’s back to school time!

Whether your child is starting kindergarten or their first year of college, heading back to school can be nerve wrecking for a lot of parents.

Worry about what the year might bring can easily trickle into our thoughts and our conversations.

But as parents or village people, (because it still takes a village to raise a child), we can decide to speak life giving words over our children.

At times we allow our fears and our anxieties to speak louder than our faith.

But Proverbs 18:21 tells us “the tongue can bring death or life…”  That means, with our words, we can change the course of our children’s future.

Facing the Unexpected – Kerlene’s Story

As a mother, nothing can quite prepare you for the first time you lay eyes on your child.

The weeks and months leading up to their grand arrival are filled with nervous anticipation and eager excitement. We try to imagine what life would be like once our little bundle of joy arrives.

Will she act like me? Will he sound like his dad? How will it feel to hold her in my arms?

Every discomfort and every pain somehow magically fades away as you finally meet the little person who dictated your sleeping and eating patterns.

For some moms like Kerlene McCall-Woods, that moment can take an unexpected turn.

Living in Trinidad and Tobago, Kerlene’s journey in motherhood hasn’t always been paradise. Within hours of giving birth to her first child, Kerlene and her husband received a life changing diagnosis.

I recently asked Kerlene to share her motherhood journey because it is a reality for many moms around the globe.

While heartbreaking, her story isn’t filled with self-pity.

Her faith could have understandably wavered but through it all Kerlene and her family are determined to make the most out of the path God has chosen for them.

This is Kerlene McCall-Woods. And This Is Her Journey.