If someone would have told me ten years ago, that I would spend my Saturday night…at a church…in front of a group of people….preaching – well, I probably would have laughed at them, thinking they were ABSOLUTELY crazy.

You see ten years ago church and God were the two furthest things from my mind and my heart.

I was more focused on finding love and chasing after a man because I thought that would be the key to my happiness and fulfillment.

Never had I imagined my real joy and purpose would come from sharing about my life’s journey.

Every time I stand in front of others to speak, I am reminded of God’s extreme grace and mercy. I’m also usually battling with my nerves and doubting my abilities and qualification.

I’m still hesitant to accept the title of “preacher”; those are big shoes fill. But God keeps showing me its never about my skills. I just have to be open to allowing Him to work through me.

I hope this clip of me speaking recently at a youth concert at First Baptist Church of Cranford/Elizabeth in New Jersey will give you the courage to step into your destiny.

I am completely convinced God has a plan and a purpose for every person on Earth; there is something great within every one of us.

Sadly, we waste too much time focused on the wrong things or trying to impress the wrong people.

But as we step into this second half of 2016, I want to challenge you (and myself) to spend more time living in purpose.

With new tragedies happening almost daily in the world, now is the time to be rooted in our faith and be 100%, fully committed to serving God.

No more sitting on the sidelines.

No more putting things off for another day which isn’t guaranteed.

Now is the time to say YES to God! Whatever it is God is calling you to do, just say yes!