“Nah bro. Ain’t NO way you’re just friends with shorty. YOU GOTTA BE hitting that!”

As blunt as this statement is, it’s one that I’ve heard on far too many occasions.

I’ve never had an issue maintaining a friendship with someone of the opposite sex.  Some of my best friends are women who I genuinely love, respect and admire.

But whenever I introduce my female friends to other friends or even family members, there tends to be some level of skepticism.

Some question the possibility of a platonic relationship while others question the appropriateness of the friendship simply because we are of the opposite sex.

I can somewhat understand their reasoning…somewhat.

With the popularity of movies like “Friends with Benefits” and “No Strings Attached” our society has become more accepting of blurred lines in male and female friendships.

It has become almost natural to assume co-ed friends have either hooked up or will some day hook up.

When tackling the issue of “just friends” I know there are many opinions.

Some influential Christian speakers have come out firmly in disagreement of close friendships between people of the opposite sex.

Their reasoning – the best way to avoid even the appearance of doing wrong is to stick to same sex friendships.

But if our only two options as a society is to either be friends with benefits or to avoid male and female friendships all together, then what does that say for us a people?

Tobi The Ministrel @soulglo62

Tobi The Ministrel

Despite what the world, or anyone says, the truth is God created us all to love one another.  

And if we follow the example of Christ, that love should bring us together for community and not divide or isolate us based on our sex.

It’s time to get back to God’s original standards for mankind.

We shouldn’t allow lust and lack of self control to keep us from developing genuine relationships with people of the opposite sex.

It’s time to get back to building friendships based not on attraction or gratifying the flesh but on things of substance that will bring honor and glory to God.

It’s time to establish boundaries and be committed to preserving the platonic nature of our friendships.

It’s time to stop following the standards we see in the movies and mainstream media.

Instead, let’s live up to God’s standard.

Let’s challenge ourselves this year to walk in the love of God.

Let’s create a new norm, where men and women can be JUST FRIENDS!