Behind the Scene with Natasha B.

Meet Natasha B. – an up and coming free-lance makeup artist from New York City.

I first met Natasha in a religion class we had to take for our undergraduate degree.  Back then, our biggest concerns were figuring out what we would have for dinner, where we could find a good reggae party or how we could finance our next shopping spree.

Even in her early 20’s, Natasha has always had a strength and independence that I’ve admired. It is that same strength that helps her today as she faces life as a single mother.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Natasha to chat about her life today as a single mother.

THIS IS HER JOURNEY: Share with us a little bit about how became a single mom.

NATASHA B: In my early twenties I got involved with my ex co-worker and became pregnant. Coming from a tight knit Hispanic household, being pregnant and single was not the norm. My pregnancy brought both happiness and criticism, but my family stood by me.  Even though our situation was far from traditional, I believed my child’s dad would be there for his son. And he was, for most of my pregnancy.  That all changed two days after our baby shower when I found out he had another child on the way.  It was in that moment that I realized my life and my child’s life would change forever.

THIS IS HER JOURNEY: Take us back to Natasha before your son was born, what was she like?

NATASHA B: I was a very social woman. Like most twenty year olds, I wasn’t one to stay in the house. I was always out and about enjoying life. My dream was to have a career in radio. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communications Arts and began working at a local radio station where I met my son’s dad.

THIS IS HER JOURNEY: How has being a single mother changed you?

NATASHA B: I became a single mother at the age of 24.  It has changed my entire outlook on life. Knowing I was going to face parenting alone was upsetting but also motivating. I had to learn how to move past my poor relationship choice. I was determined to not let it define my future or keep me from becoming a better woman and mother to my child.  Over the years, my parents, extended family and close friends have been my biggest supporters. They have thought me how to be more transparent and how to ask for help.

Natasha at a recent event with her son.

Natasha at a recent event with her son.

THIS IS HER JOURNEY: What has been your greatest challenge in being a single mom?

NATASHA B: Besides the financial aspect, coming up with the answers for my son about his dad has been tough.  It is especially hard when I read his writings from school, where he creates scenarios that involve his dad.  Even though his grandfather (my dad) plays a very active role in his life, it doesn’t fill the void of his father not being around.

THIS IS HER JOURNEY: What encouragement would you offer to someone in a similar situation?

NATASHA B:  Children are a blessing regardless of the circumstances that brought them to this world. Parenting is tough, but the rewards – moments watching your child grow and reach different milestones – it makes it all worthwhile.  Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to someone else. This is your life.  It’s your journey.  You can overcome your circumstances if you remain focused on being the best person and mother you can be for your child.

THIS IS HER JOURNEY: What do you hope the next chapter of your journey will be like?

NATASHA B: Each day, each year that goes by, is a new chapter for me.  I’m constantly learning how to be a better woman and a better mom.  My prayer is that God continues to give me the strength to raise my child in the right way.  I can only hope that the next chapter of my life is filled with more growth and more great memories.

My son recently met his grandmother on his father’s side.  I’m hopeful that relationship will grow and develop over the coming years as well.

All things considered, my son and I are blessed.  My son is healthy, happy and handsome and I couldn’t have asked God for more.

THIS IS HER JOURNEY: You did an amazing job on my face today, THANK YOU!  How can people get in contact with you for their special events?

NATASHA B: I am a former MAC Cosmetics makeup artist but now I work as a freelancer within the Tri-State area.  Email me at and let’s start planning on making you look your best for your special event!


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    I pray that God will continue to strengthen Natasha so she can be a wonderful mother to her son.

    10/20/2015 at 9:16 PM
    • Reply This Is Her Journey

      Amen! She’s done a fantastic job so far! Kudos to you Natasha B.

      11/01/2015 at 6:48 PM

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