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5 Simple Tips to Survive Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays that people either really love or really hate.

There are those who rightfully preach the message of showing love every day of the year. Then there are the people like me who see nothing wrong with having an extra day to be pampered and loved on even more.

If you can identify with that second category of people AND you’re single then chances are you’ve probably wished you could skip the month of February altogether.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching (3 days for those who are counting) I’ve decided to share my 5 simple tips to help you survive this Valentine’s Day!

Tip #1: Stay off social media

You know it’s coming: the pictures, videos, status updates – yes, love will be EVERYWHERE on social media.

For some, the images can be an unwelcome reminder of just how single they are at the moment.

So instead of scrolling through your entire news feed wishing you had someone special of your own, use it as day where you live life off of social media.

And remind yourself, EVERYTHING you see on social media is filtered.

Every image is strategically chosen to highlight the best of people’s lives at the moment.

Beyond the pictures, beyond the videos, you never really know what their relationship may be like. Don’t fall into the trap of envying what you see, because good and bad, there is always more to the picture that what is shown!

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”#valentinesday #love #thisisherjourney”]EVERYTHING you see on social media is filtered[/tweetthis]

Tip #2: Focus on the love you do have

With much of the focus of Valentine’s Day being about couples, it can be easy to forget love is not limited to romantic relationships.

While you may be single right now, chances are there are plenty of other loving relationships you can celebrate:

The sibling who always has your back.

That friend you can always count on for a laugh.

The child, the niece, or the nephew who looks up to you like you’re a superhero.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on those loving relationships. I’m sure you’ll quickly realize that life isn’t so bad after all.

Tip #3: Do something special for yourself

When it comes to loving yourself there are no rules.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying yourself some flowers.

Go ahead and get yourself some chocolate.

Or, treat yourself to a nice dinner.

Whatever you do, just don’t sit around waiting for life to be perfect before you start enjoying it.

Life is precious and we never know how much time we’ll have.  Don’t allow your romantic relationship status to keep you from living each day to the fullest, not even on Valentine’s Day.

Tip #4: Be intentional about your thoughts 

Speaking from experience, this may be the hardest tip to do, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year.

On plenty of occasions, I have literally thought myself into a bad mood.

If I’m not careful I can go from happy to depress simply by overthinking or worrying about things that I know are out of my control.

So what’s the best way to avoid slipping into a thinking induced bad mood?

Whenever you find your mind wandering out of control, shift your thoughts to something positive.

It may be hard at first but the more you decide to take control of your thoughts the easier it will become and the happier you will be.

[tweetthis]Whenever you find your mind wandering out of control, shift your thoughts to something positive.[/tweetthis]

Tip #5: Remember it’s just one day

Love is something that should be celebrated every day of the year and Valentine’s Day is just ONE DAY! 

Don’t allow those 24 hours to overwhelm you or make you re-evaluate your entire life.

Come February 15th, the hype will be over and most people will go back to their normal routines.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to be thankful in all circumstances…”

I know, it would be nice to have that special someone to spend the day with. But if being single on Valentine’s Day is the worst thing that has happen to us so far this year, then we’ve got PLENTY of reasons to give God thanks!

Whatever your circumstance, choose to be thankful and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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