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February 2016


    The Alphabet Challenge

    If you’ve been on social media for the past few years, chances are you’ve seen more than your share of challenges.

    Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014.

    Or the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge of 2015.

    More recently, there was the Snow Challenge which started trending during the Jonas Blizzard of January 2016. (If you haven’t seen this one, do yourself a favor and google it…then add everyone of those people to your prayer list!)

    With the exception of A FEW, most of these challenges are dangerous and don’t serve a purpose other than gaining likes or views on social media.

    So when I came across what I’m calling The Alphabet Challenge in Max Lucado’s bestseller “Before Amen: The Power of A Simple Prayer” I knew it could be a life changer for many.

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    Love & Relationships

    5 Simple Tips to Survive Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays that people either really love or really hate.

    There are those who rightfully preach the message of showing love every day of the year. Then there are the people like me who see nothing wrong with having an extra day to be pampered and loved on even more.

    If you can identify with that second category of people AND you’re single then chances are you’ve probably wished you could skip the month of February altogether.

    With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching (3 days for those who are counting) I’ve decided to share my 5 simple tips to help you survive this Valentine’s Day!

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    Unashamed and Unfiltered: One-on-One With Anesha Collins

    With terms like “boss chick” or “boss” becoming the new standard for female empowerment and success, it’s always refreshing to see women who aren’t conforming to the world’s standards; women like Anesha Collins, the CEO of Unashamed Imaging.

    Originally from Staten Island, New York, Anesha has deservingly become one of Florida’s rising stars in the field of visual media.

    She is a published and award winning photographer and cinematographer.

    Her portfolio ranges from the modern-day family or person to well-known clients like the NFL Corporation, Nina Sky, and Martha Munizzi to name a few.

    Her company is also listed as a preferred vendor for various premiere venues.

    While Anesha could easily brag about her bossness (let’s pretend that’s a word), she’s one of the most humble and down to earth women you’ll meet.

    I recently caught up with Anesha to chat about life and of course business. Check out our interview below to meet the brain behind the brand, Unashamed Imaging.

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